Friday, February 3, 2012


Despite the sun, it's been freezing cold in Paris these last days. Winter has finally arrived. Maybe it will snow on Sunday, for my birthday. I would love that.

Not much to say, I've been very busy and with things on my mind. Drinking tea and wearing Winter sweaters that make me feel like I'm another person. This morning I had a vision of when my parents, my sisters and I would go skiing. I haven't skied in more than 15 years. It feels like another life. I don't miss skiing, but I miss the landscape, the sounds, the mountains covered with snow and a particular atmosphere that feels like childhood and family to me. 

And looking out at the balcony, I'm thinking that there will be some cleaning to do, as soon as the weather gets warmer I have time.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and I hope that you've got tea and love around you to warm you up.


Sara (saramama) said...

ah your balcony look well compared to mine :D but it's now covered with 0.5m of snow too so i've a good excuse not to get my hads 'dirty'. it was -20°c here yesterday here, but now luckily only -13°c. drinking plenty of tea here too :)

Round Circles said...

Merci tout plein pour ton message... après échanges,discussions et parenthèses à deux,ça va beaucoup ne veut m'attarder que sur ce qu'il y a de positif comme tu l'as si bien écris dans un post il y a quelques semaines.
C e que tu dis sur le fait de ressembler à quelqu’un d'autre en tenue hivernale me parle!Je souhaite un très beau week end ainsi qu'à ta p'tite family

Anabelle said...

@ Sara, well, this is just one part of our balcony... -20°C? How do you do that??!! I have one word for you: TEA!

@ Round Cirles, je suis contente d'entendre que les choses vont mieux. Ah les vêtements d'hiver... Moi, j'ai l'impression d'avoir 16 ans avec ces gros pulls :) Mais si j'ai bien compris, tu as grandi au soleil, toi... Le soleil, c'est plus joli sur la peau. Mais bon, peut-être qu'il neigera ce weekend. Je te le souhaite très beau aussi.

French Cannes Cannes said...

Stay warm AT! I'm madame layers (t-shirt, sweater, longer sweater, jacket, gloves!) Happy almost birthday!! (I'm dreading the snow - but it would be perfect on a Sunday, with hot chocolate, movies and some b-day hugs from your little ones...)

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

It's so cold and out of the window all frosty. I'm being lazy today wrapped up and reading blogs, I know I must get a move on soon and embrace the cold outside!

Happy Birthday for Sunday x

danica said...

It is Sunday on my side of the world so I feel it is only appropriate to wish you a happy birthday, Anabelle. I hope that you receive the snow you desire on your special day

Anabelle said...

Thank you Polly! A lazy weekend is always good ;)

FCC, good to see that you're back! I don't blame you, sometimes I feel like staying under the blanket and forget about the world;) Merci pour tes voeux!

Danica, thank you! Your blog is beautiful.