Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Listening to Asa

I've already blogged about Asa, but since she's been with me in my living room all day today (via Deezer, but still), I felt like writting about her again. I love her voice and her whole spirit, her music makes me happy, her music makes me think, feel like dancing or crying, her music makes me love life even more.

Also feeling sad thinking of Elodie while listening to "Baby gone". I think of my man each time I hear the song "Be my man", and of my children on "Maybe", while making a toy for Swann (I'll blog about that later - usually when I say that I don't, but this time, I will). I just love this singer!

Picture from here

And watching this video is an enchantment for me: all those colors, the vintage clothes and the people dancing, it brightens my day like you have no idea.


Crystal said...

Such a beautiful voice. I'd never heard of her before, I think I may have to check her out! x

flannery o'kafka said...

I agree...this is lovely.