Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cushion toys (l.o.v.e)

So like I said on my last post, I've been busy making something for my little boy. This is how it started: 

On Sunday, one of my friends came to visit with her baby girl. She is so adorable and we had a good time together. Still, when they left, I felt a little frustrated and sad. I thought about my friend's baby, who has all the right toys, the perfect clothes, the cute bag to carry her stuff... How I wish I could get him the same*... My mummy heart wanted to rush and buy Swann something special and lovely and new, just for him. (I'm sure most of the mothers have once felt the same...) The fact is, a lot of Swann's toys were his sister's when she was a baby - which is great in a way because I love the idea that toys don't die (I'm a big fan of "Toys story")-, and a lot of his clothes are handmedown from my sisters. Since I've been off work for several months to take care of him, we're on a super tight budget and I simply couldn't go and buy a toy, so I thought I would make him something special. And this is what I did, on Monday and Tuesday, something made with love and just for him:

These are little cushions stuffed with different things and with little ribbons hanging her and there for him to chew (babies seem to love chewing strings and ribbons).

The box took me quite a while to make and it looks a little clumsy, I'm sure there's a faster and better way to make one, but that's how I designed it and that's how it came out. In the end, it cost me no money because I used only stuff that I had at home, it just required  time and patience and dedication, but isn't it what love's about?

Swann seems to like them, he has a preference for the "W" which is filled with black-eyed peas. When he grows, he can learn how to spell his name with these cushions... if he hasn't ruined them by then :)

* No, in fact, I don't wish I could get him all the fancy things you find in the stores, because then I probably wouldn't think of making him something special that will tell him, years later, how much I love him. And also, there are so many people who have much less than what we have, how spoiled can we be to always want to buy more?


French Cannes Cannes said...

I love your toy design and idea to fill each bag with something different! Start an etsy shop;-)

Alexis said...

This is such a beautiful present, and I agree that it's better not to buy, especially when you can make something so wonderful. Impressed that you concieved, made and finished it in 2 days!

KERRY said...

These are wonderful :) And so nice for him to look back on, knowing his mama made them. Good on you! Sorry I haven’t left you a comment for a while. I’ve been looking but not speaking! Enjoying all your posts, but still feel sad for the little girl who had to go away :( Also, you asked me aaaages ago about step-family. I have been very lucky really, as my dad’s wife has been with him since my early teens and I knew her anyway. She’s a lovely lady, and also, he and my mum and her all get on really well and hang out (which sounds strange, but it’s not)! My mum is remarried too (although it has been tougher for her as sadly, my first step-dad passed away). What I’m trying to say, is that for our family, it has all been fine! Email me if you want to...I seem to be telling my life story in a comment! Also, you left a comment on Famapa’s blog, just saw it. The pics are actually of my flat, and yes, the shelf is an Ikea one :) Have a lovely weekend nice lady and thanks for all the nice comments you leave x

Crystal said...

Something made by more is a million times better than something bought. Hand me downs and old toys are great, you should never feel bad about them. At the end of the day all that will matter to him is the love and time you lavish on him not the money. Money doesn't mean a thing to children xx

Tania said...

This is a lovely idea for your baby. Hand made toys are so much more special aren't they? PS - nice to "meet you" :)

I'm Polly said...

What a wonderful idea, and so pretty too! I wonder what different fillings you've used?