Friday, October 7, 2011


I've started working on my jewelry again. And this is my inspiration:

Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 courtesy of Antoine Schneck, from the beautiful book "Tsiganes en Roumanie", Editions du Rouergue. Picture 6, my daughter Florina. Picture 7 from Jean-Paul Gaultier's fashion show, collection spring/summer 2010. Picture 8, Chanel's fashion show, collection autumn/winter 2010. Picture 9 taken by Victor Hugo and found in a book, but I can't remember which one (I love this photo, it is a treasure of inspiration for me). I readjusted some of the pictures, and added my jewelry on pictures 2, 3 and 9. 


Maria said...

Thank you for your comment in my blogg.Yes we are coming next week on Tuesday to Paris (first time) with my daugther.It would lovely to get some tips where to go and where to eat ,ect...we have been reading guide books with her -and we stay in Bastille area,in The Hotel Mericourt to Friday.I'm really touched from you kindly comment.
Hope we'll hear again

Fen and Ned said...

Stunning jewellery Anabelle, really lovely pieces.
Your daughter is beautiful, cute little baby toes in the photo too! Have a lovely weekend :)
Sarah xx

Anabelle said...

Thank you Sarah :)

Stella said...

Great inspiration and jewelry! Have a good day! -Stella

Åshild - prydeligbloggen said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on Prydelig! I always wonder if I should write a short summary in each post in English, and maybe I should! :) Have a great Sunday. All the best!