Monday, September 26, 2011

Le square Trousseau

I've been to this little park ever since my daughter was a baby and even before since my sister used to live right next to it. It's one of those places where you go and feel at home. It is so charming and for some reason, kids always seem to be happy in square Trousseau. I love this area (metro Ledru Rollin in the 12th arrondissement): the architecture of the buildings around the park is so beautiful, and right behind it, the marché d'Aligre is so familiar to me: one of the cheapest outdoor markets in Paris for fruits and vegetables, a unique and friendly atmosphere where bobo people meet Arab people and old residents of the quartier, a few minutes away from place de la Bastille. 

So that's where we were today me and my little man, enjoying the bright sun again after a morning at the daycare center, where everything is going well for Swann.


French Cannes Cannes said...

I've never been to that square but I pass it on my way to the marché... I didn't realize how charming it was inside !

Anabelle said...

It is! Great atmosphere also in the weekend when people stop there after the market at lunch time and eat a sandwich or fruits while the kids are playing. I love it!