Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love Paris: le port de l'Arsenal

This morning me and the kids went playing pétanque and took a walk at a place that's near our apartment and that I love: le port de l'Arsenal. This is a port at the Bastille and each time I go there my heart is filled with the feeling that I am lucky: living in the center of Paris and being able to see boats and the Bastille at the same time, I mean, what else can you ask for?

Florina won the game and then we had to rush back home because baby Swann was tired and angry (for anybody who knows what a baby sounds like when he/she is tired and angry, you know that's loud).

I tried the milk powder again today and he drank a little bit, even managed to take the bottle for what it is for a few seconds before he started playing with it again... I know it takes time for babies to get used to drinking milk from the bottle, so I'll be patient. He had milk and fruits purée all over his face and shirt, it was an integral mess in the kitchen but I had a lot of fun with him... To hell nice little baby clothes and squeaky clean kitchens!

Lovers kissing on the bridge... Romanticism made in France.

Our nonprofessional game of pétanque.

My baby is a cool guy.

So if you come to Paris, you have to go to the Port de l'Arsenal (metro station Bastille) and why not have a little picnic there, and if you're lucky you'll see old men playing pétanque on the boulevard de la Bastille where we were. They look so typical.

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