Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There is nothing more precious than joyful children.

My baby boy when he wakes up and smiles, with his little nose like this and his little tongue like that, and I know he knows that I love him so much and that I am as happy to see him as he is to see me.

My daughter when she plays with her cousin, how they giggle like only girls do, how every single thing can be turned into a joke or a game, how pretty they look with their hair down and messy and their jeans getting shorter and tighter as the year goes by, as they slowly outgrow each pair they have.

My step-son when he sits down next to his little brother and smiles to him, just sitting there and looking at him with silent words that they both can understand.

Children at the park, playing.
Children at the swimming pool, splashing water.
Children running in the street after school.

Pretty girls... And this amazingly cute little dress... Already plotting to stay longer at the park?


un courant d'air dans la maison said...

trop mignonne cette photo ! ce soir j'ai fait causette dans le bus avec une petite shané, petite métisse de 3 ans, une vrai pipelette... j'aime le naturel des enfants de son âge, sans retenu, sans gêne.

Anabelle Tess said...

J'adore les pipelettes! Ce matin à la Préfecture mon bébé a passé une demi heure à "parler" et à sourire à tout le monde... du coup je n'ai même pas trouvé le temps long!