Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A few things I loved about today

Today I loved seeing two women kissing on the mouth at a restaurant terrace not caring what people might think, and right next to them this young man with his mother all dressed in Kabyle clothes, then this guy at the Police station where I had to go to have some papers done who was so nice with me and tried to make me wait as little as possible, then having to go to the bakery next to the police station because I had no change to make photocopies which gave me a good reason to buy a croissant for me and my man, and then on my way back home on the bus, two Cameroonian women talking, making me travel with their accent, and finally walking back home, I noticed a couple who happened to be in the same bus as mine an hour and a half before when I was going to get my papers and now they were walking in the street in front of me, speaking Portuguese and running to get another bus as if time hadn't passed, grey pants for him, flowered blouse for her. And then my daughter and her class singing for the school's annual singing "show", my baby smiling in his fathers' arms with his huge eyes looking everywhere, and two fathers dancing rock n' roll at the back of the room, making all the kids who were performing and the other parents crack up.

It was just another day...

Two croissants...

and a class of beautiful children.

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