Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank you Queenie.

I've noticed that quite a lot of people have read my post "Why do you complain all the time". I re-read it today and felt sorry for my man because this was soo unfair. Sometimes it is so easy to look at what's bad. But, hey, I am a Parisian and I was pregnant and like all pregnant women I was very sensitive, so now that I am more or less back to normal, I owe my man a big apology...  

Earl and I, we fell in love in a day. It may sound stupid, but it is true. It was like magic, as if we had been created in this world to find and love eachother, finally.

It was like time had stopped and we were on another planet. I could not sleep, could not eat, I was so in love I couldn't do anything else but think about him. It was crazy. It was the kind of love that only happens once in a lifetime, if it ever happens at all. And it happened to us. And as tough as it was at times and still is, for many reasons, I still think today that it was a blessing to speak to him that day, when he asked for my phone number in the park near the kids' school and I gave it to him. 

There are three major events in my personal life: the birth of my daughter, the birth of my son, and meeting Earl. I remember that before we became friends, I used to look at him from afar, I thought he had the most beautiful and brightest smile I had ever seen. It was like a sunshine. I didn't know him, we would just see eachother at the kids' school and say hi, but I used to look at him thinking that it would be great if I could have a man like him. In the past, I had made mistakes and gone with the wrong men, chose the wrong friends, and I was determined to make a change in my life and to surround myself with only good and nice people. I wanted to meet a man who would respect me and be good to me instead of bringing trouble in my life. I wanted a man who would be positive and happy, and not someone who would be gloomy or depressing, and who would put me down. I needed a "real man", someone who would know what his responsabilities in life are, someone I could rely on, a steady man whom I could trust. And then I met Earl and he was all that.

And then we fell in love. And this "ideal man" who was the image of the man I was searching for, became my man. It was a dream come true. My God, was he in love with me! The way he looked at me, no one had ever looked at me this way. Love, admiration, respect, sincerity, sweetness, passion, desire, fire, trust... And he was so much fun to be with! He had this joyful laughter, just hearing it for a few seconds would make my day. He had everything, he was wise and clever, silly and sweet. 

One day, one morning, I met him in the street, I was wearing a green vintage trench and brown boots, he looked at me and said: "You look gorgeous! My God, I am so in love, I've got to call my mother." I thought that it was the most touching thing I had ever heard, knowing that his mother had passed away a few years earlier.

Years have passed, and I still love Earl like in the beginning, and even more. We both know now that we are far from being perfect, but he is still this great man that I met and fell in love with in one day. He is my partner, my lover, my best-friend, my buddy. And I must give him a lot of credit for being so patient with me...

So today, I am calling Queenie on the phone in my heart, and as I am holding my baby boy, asleep in my arms, I want to say to her: Thank you Queenie for giving birth to this man, 47 years ago, you've created the most precious person for me to meet, years and years and decades after. You have created a man who brought so much into my life. And now this man and I, we have created a little man, Queenie's grand-son, and I hope that were you are, you are happy to see how beautiful he is.

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