Monday, April 25, 2011

Fish and eggs... and cats

I read FCC's post about French Easter candies... Yes, I agree, our Easter chocolates just can't compete with American Peanut butter cups (my man's favorite) or anything like that.

I have tried to search on the Internet for the reason why we actually have chocolate fish everywhere (I know there is a good reason why but I can't remember what it is...)but I could only find recipes to make some (calm down a little on the cooking obsession people!) and since I have only ten seconds to write this post I just thought... forget it!

But there is something even stranger to me about French Easter chocolates, is this habit that French took to start making chocolates in all kinds of forms, driving us further and further away from the traditional Easter chocolate eggs...

Take a look:
Fish lead to... cats.

Cats lead to... mice. But then, why a duck?

Hello Kitty addiction leads to... ruining parents
 with plain chocolate eggs looking fancy.

In the end, they more or less all taste the same, unless you are ready to spend 100 euros on a poule en chocolat, I am not joking, we saw one in Bordeaux that was 92 euros... Loaded or not, I don't care, I still would like to know what kind of people actually spend that amount of money on an Easter chocolate chicken and WHY???

As for me, I now only buy chocolate eggs for my daughter because if the chocolates look too pretty, she will not eat them. When she was younger, she litteraly cried (I mean with tears and a broken heart) while eating a chocolate Santa Claus lollipop from Starbuck's Coffee... Since then, I know better... eggs and that's it! She collects them, she eats them, no drama.

But come to think about it, I remember that when I was a kid, me and my sister we had been given each a very pretty chocolate rabbit and it was so cute we just couldn't eat it. My oldest sister ate hers in one day but ours sat in our room for so so so long that in the end we had to throw the rabbits in the trash because they had gone bad... 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

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