Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dresses and platform shoes

Here in Paris the weather has been so nice this week it feels like Summer. And here's what I want to wear:

- Dresses:

I found these at H&M on line (never spend much on Summer dresses, that's my rule):

- Platform shoes:

I found these at Guys, they just cost 890 euros... yes, you read well!! They are gorgeous but... come on, 890 euros... NO WAY!!!! 

- Sunglasses :

I got these at Mango but my dream sunglasses are from Miu Miu (something around 170 euros...)
- Tanned skin:

Has anybody ever tried one of these? A girl at the beauty section of Monoprix (great French store where you can find everything from goat cheese to toilet paper to baby socks) told me that these are the best self tanners because they don't leave any marks on your body and they are easy to apply.

But here again, I'll go to Kandee for some tips...


French Cannes Cannes said...

loving the summer dresses - I might go shopping today since I tore a hole in my new Mango one at the park on Saturday :-( I've never tried the micro mist but I have tried Clarins Crème Délicieuse Auto-Bronzante (expensive but super nice..smells a little strong at first but then it calms down). Neutrogena is a good brand - you should try it (but yes, Kandee would know best :-)

Anabelle Tess said...

Yes I read about your dress, sorry for you. I went to H&M today and found none of the dresses selected :-(
I'll try Neutrogena and tell you if I became orange or worst zebra orange :-)