Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My real day of shopping

I finally got a chance to go shopping and I have to say, that was GOOD!!! I know I might sound like a shopping addict but it's ok because that's exactly what I am!!!

I had two hours (since I nurse my baby, I can't be away for too long, and I had still prepared a bottle of milk in case he was hungry while I was out). My man said: "Have fun and take your time!" (what a sweetheart) so I gave him and our baby a kiss and I rushed down the metro and went shopping.

So here's what I got:

Shoes. I said I was happy that pointy shoes are back, well I couldn't resist those...

Why did I buy them? 
1. Because they would make any feet look sexy.
2. Because one month after giving birth to my baby and having him sleeping in the bed in bewteen me and my man almost every night (why is it that he much prefers our bed than the cute little bed I put up for him...), I feel that I have to work on my sexiness a little bit if I want my sexual life to ever get back to where it once was: the top!
3. Because they are very feminine and after wearing easy shoes for months, I feel like going back to "real" woman shoes. Still, since the heels are not too high I can wear them every day without wishing I could take them off RIGHT NOW (you know that stiff smile that you have when you don't want to admit that your shoes are murder to your feet?).
4. Because when Kate Moss wears pointy shoes she looks absolutely amazing. I love Kate Moss, I think she is very inspiring and she always has the right style. So, hey, I'll just pretend I'm a French version of her...
(Ok, mine are not Louboutins, but anyway I couldn't walk with those heels right now...)

Isn't she pretty?

Birthday things.

I went to the store I wanted to go to, Hema, and found those candies and birthday decoration for my daughter's party. The store is actually much smaller than what I expected but it is nice and fun. Right when I left, after paying, I saw that they have cookies that look amazingly good, but I was in a rush so I'll try them another time...
My God, since I had my baby and my diabete problem is over, I can't stop eating sweet things, it's like a disease... I try to be careful but it's hard, I love cookies and desserts soo much! 

Baby socks.

These are the cutest thing: baby socks. I think that just to look at them would make anybody want to have a baby...

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