Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday girl

Yesterday, we had a big family reunion to celebrate my daughter's 10 years birthday. We had a great time. Lots of gifts, cakes, laughters, lots of babies also since my two sisters have babies too, it was a lot of fun.

And I made my first "American" birthday cake for the occasion. 

Ok, I know, the decoration is a little "funky" but it's my first try, so in the end I think it was still pretty nice for a beginner like me!

It is just amazing to think that my daughter was born ten years ago... I remember this day very well and I am sure I always will, even if I get Alzheimer's disease one day... My first baby... I remember how I used to get up ten times at night to make sure she was still breathing... And how dedicated I was to her, all the things we did together, and as her hair was growing and growing and growing she got bigger and became this beautiful girl who blew her ten candles yesterday and insisted on wearing make-up, dressed with her pretty Chanel-like dress, a true princess.

I can't really express what I feel for her. I was looking at old pictures (like old people do!) and I thought that she really was a gift in my life, someone extremely special to me and I am so proud to be her mother.

Today with her class they went to the museum (the Louvre) and on the way back home from school, she told me all the things she has learnt today, legends and myths that their teacher has told them, then we got back home and she made candies.

Well, it's not one thing that melts my heart when I think about her, but all the little things that she does, and even the things that drive me crazy... I love her and I am happy to know that she loves me too.

First rides at the park.

She loves horses, just like me when I was little.

Drawing in the sand.

At a Gypsy party with beautiful Mirabella.

Flower girl.

With my sister, wearing funny glasses.
We had so much fun that day, it was hilarious!

Birthday girl.

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