Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pregnant and creative...

This is a dress that I made myself tonight. I am into leopard stuff these days... Maybe it is because I am expecting a baby lion, who is kicking me all the time, especially at night when I try to get some rest!
When you are pregnant, it's not easy to find things that fit you. Maternity clothes are often expensive and rarely my style. Plus, most of the time (and if you're lucky!) you won't be able to wear them after the pregnancy. 

Strangely I feel a little different now that I am pregnant, I want to be freer, dare more things... I feel younger and wiser at the same time. Now that I don't go to work anymore, I am enjoying my freedom and freetime and use it to create things.

I used my man's old Singer sewing machine. He's had it for over 25 years! He is a designer, he's been making clothes all his life. And since he is the nicest man on earth, he told me that my dress looks nice!

He also has this old pin-cushion. I love it! My great-grand-mother used to have exactly the same. She was a couturière, she used to make clothes and hats. I remember when I was a child I used to play with it, hoping she would give it to me one day. After she passed away and my great-grand-father too, I was asked what I wanted to keep from their house, as a souvenir. Strangely, I asked for an ashtray! It was an old ashtray in metal.
Now when I look at my man's pin-cushion, I think of my great-grand-mother Mimi and of those days when we used to visit her and my great-grand-father at their house, in the South West of France. Those days seemed endless to me, as a little girl, but now I know they taught me something about life...

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