Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Gypsy princess

My daugther was born on the 27th of March, 2001. She is going to turn ten, I can't believe it!

On that sunny day of March 2001, the minute I saw her, when she was put upon my breast, I loved her like no one else in this world. It is common to say that the love that parents have for their children is enormous, but my love for her was and has always been something so rare and beyond words.
She has been my sunshine, my reason to be strong, my reality, my present and my future. I hope our relationship will never get bad, I hope we will be mother and daughter, growing like friends, forever.

She has a lot of temperament. When I say "no" she always tries to make it a "yes"! She says what she feels, she is not shy, she compains and rejoys about things. She sings and plays and acts like a clown around the house. I can't believe, writing this, that sometimes it - she - gets on my nerves...

Also she is absolutely beautiful. She has a special beauty, with her almond dark blue eyes with a pitch of brown in one eye, her sunkissed complexion, her pretty hair, her bright smile and cute little voice. When I talk to her on the phone, I am always surprized at how tiny she sounds! And then she'll get annoyed about something or someone and she will defend her point of view like a philosopher, with arguments that usually only adults use. But still, when she is taking her shower, you can hear her singing and it will take her forever to get ready because she will be playing in front of the miror, talking to some invisible clients or pupils or animals that she is playing with. She is soo talkative!! Sometimes I have to tell her to eat and stop talking because she will be late for school or for her dance class!

Is it because she is part Gypsy that she can't take any order without questionning it? Or is it because she is my daugther? A lot of times it drives me crazy that she argues with almost everything that I tell her to do, trying to negociate for the slightest thing - and she is smart too! But deep inside of me I am proud that she doesn't let anybody impose things on her without questionning if it is fair or not, she is nothing like a robot...

At the same time, she is very sensible, she can be so fragile at times... Her name means "little flower" and I often think that she is like a wild flower, she will stand in the rain, she will blossom in the sun, the wind will make her bend but she will still stand here, beautiful and proud and fragile.

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