Sunday, January 30, 2011


Tonight, my man talked about his ideal idea of a couple: to have fun together, no matter what happens, no matter how tough times can be, to just laugh about things and have fun.

"Give me a compliment, even if it's fake, because it will bring the good out of me."

"We can desagree with someone without hating the other person."

He explained to me also why smiling is so important for him. Like in the song of Nat King Cole, which is one of his favorite songs. You have to smile in order to overcome anything, smile to show that the bad things don't affect you so much, smile to remain positive and strong, smile also because at that time, Blacks were not allowed to express their desagreements towards Whites...

I hope he will teach that to our son.

When I met him, I fell in love with him immediately because of this rare thing that he had and that I had never seen in anybody before: this ability to bring out the best in people. The way he looked at me, it was like telling me: You are the most beautiful person, the nicest and funniest person, the most interesting person and that's why I want you by my side. I didn't want to decieve him, I wanted so much to be my best for him. The way that he looked at me made me so happy and so wonderful, I was ready to do anything to keep that look on me forever and ever.

Like the old saying: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything". I think my man is so right to always want to look at the bright side of the street, and I treasure him for being who he is. I regret being so negative at times, when I know you feel so much better inside when you are positive about things. Why do we even bother talking about what's wrong all the time? Wouldn't life be so much better if instead of complaining about our day we would go through all the things that were good about it? Maybe then we wouldn't even feel like mentionning the bad things...

That night we had so much fun, we were trying to take a picture of us kissing each other but I was laughing so hard, we had to take like twenty picutres!

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