Sunday, March 3, 2013

The big surprise

I had said to my daughter that my birthday had gone a little unnoticed in the family this year. I didn't even post about it (well, also, I was quite p*ssed to turn 38). My birthday is now surrounded by kids' birthdays and so we made them parties and I kind of stepped on the side to let them have their moments.

But yesterday evening I came back home to find my sisters and sister and brother-in-law, my mother and friends right there, in my living room, shouting "happy birthday!" and that was a surprise that my 11 year-old daughter had organized for me. Yes-she-did. She gathered everybody and organized the food and drinking part, she baked cakes on her own, and with the help of my man and mother and sisters, she made me the best surprise I've ever had. This was my very first surprise party (people probably know I am not so good with surprises...).

So yes I showed up wearing sneakers when everybody was nicely dressed, yes I was wearing an old sweater, yes the bedrooms and bathroom seriously needed some vacuum cleaning, but to hell with that, I had a FUN time! And honestly, it really blows my mind to think that my daughter did it for me. I feel so touched. I've had some down periods lately, and I felt like an awful mother screaming and having no patience, and to see my daughter's love for me means the world to me.

Florina, I love you ♡♡♡. What an amazing girl you are!!! Thank you so much!


Jen said...

How wonderful annabelle, it's moments like these you'll never forget. Happy 38!! X

Alexis said...

Ah, well done Florina!

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

Such a sweet thing to do! Happy 38 x

Nora said...

Sorry i missed your birthday and so many other ne suis plus trop sur l'ordi ces derniers mois....trop chronophage à mon goût...mais j'aime repasser par ici,alors...Happy Birthday à toi(en retard) et Happy birthday à ta grande aussi!)Je t'embrasse