Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Autumn leaves in the park.
They gather the leaves and make a mountain, and jump on it.
He takes it as a bed.

My daughter's father sent her a gigantic package with a billion pieces of clothes for her and UGG shoes for both of us.
It's the first time — after the Moonboots period, when I was around 10 (and I think I had them in pink...) — that I wear really warm winter shoes.

I want to feel the joy of life, and not let small things bother me.(Easier said than done.)


Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

How nice to know you'll have cosy feet however cold it gets this year! I had a pair before and loved them :)

Alexis said...

Yeah! Hello stranger - nice to see Swann jumping in the leaves just like Henry is doing here in London. I have some Uggs that I wore the whole time I was pregnant and they are so warm and comfy and tempting, but they look awful as they are so worn out. Warm feet are an underrated luxury.

hello paper said...

c'est beau ces moments d'automne.
regarder la pluie de feuilles se poser sur le sol... et, regarder les enfants joués avec...
je t'embrasse !

Nora said...

Belle et heureuse année,riche en expériences,rencontres,et beaux moments...

Je t'embrasse,