Friday, August 3, 2012

the wheel

And I finally did it. On my last post, I wrote about the Paris wheel and said I had been too scared to go on it. Well, I did it yesterday, and I survived, and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I couldn't say I was extremely comfortable up there, especially with a bit of wind and a weird sound from the engine, but I got to see the most beautiful view on Paris by night.

I went up there with my man, we had a date out while my lovely cousin was taking care of the kids. Swann did ask about me several times aparently, and one last time when she said goodnight to him, but he slept really well like usual (sorry Kerry, I had to mention that). 
It felt so good to be a tourist in my own city, and to have a moment with Earl without the kids. Honestly, holidays are another kind of work for the parents...

On the wheel, I thought that I must take more risks in my life. I can't continue to stay only where I know I am safe, and always say "maybe another time". I don't want to wake up one morning and find that I am too old to do anything, and think that it's too late. More than ever before, I am now conscious that time passes, and that the years gone by will never be returned. Oh oh, I think I'm starting to sound a little depressing...
By the way, is there anything cutter than my little boy saying "oh-oh"? This is his new favorite, he says oh-oh when something looks unfamiliar, or when something fell on the floor for instance. I admit I do say oh-oh quite often just to hear him repeat it after me. Oh--oh. Absolutely adorable. 

My kids grow so fast. I'm glad I have this time with them, and I can just be there and watch them play. 

I think Swann is already training for the Olympics!


Alexis said...

looks like you are back in the blogging mojo!!
"holidays are another kind of work for the parents..." - this is so true; I'm feeling it... and everything you write strikes a chord with me as normal. Time passing, wanting the cherish every moment (although, I very nearly walked out on my kids today, they were driving me mad)!

Anabelle said...

Oh yes, I know how you feel, sometimes they do drive us MAD! Hang on!