Tuesday, April 24, 2012

These last days

Hello and thanks again for your very kind words on my last post, they went straight to my heart...

These last days have been very busy, like it seems to be the case all the time now. Work + kids + no cleaning lady = very little freetime :-)

I hope you are all well and happy. Life is beautiful, even under the rain (what an awful weather here in Paris).

Last Saturday, at the cirque Romanès.

This was a beautiful show, and Florina loved it. She kept saying about the Romanès girls performing: "They're so pretty!" And I said: "You look just like them, honey." And it's true, too.

Oh and I received a lovely package from Erika, from Mikodesign. So many cute things in it, thank you so much Erika!

Florina made us dinner, all by herself, and I don't know if it's because she religiously followed the TV show Top Chef, or if it's just because she's talented, but this dinner was amazing! Cantonese rice and mushroom and tomato brochettes with teriyaki sauce. She even made a limonade! And a delicious chocolate cake, served with whipped cream, that literally blew our minds.

Jogging again (can you find me on the picture... or maybe you can see Florina, not really running though...)
I pushed my limits on Sunday morning again, I'm trying to work on myself as you can see (and in more than one way: the mind is  harder to move than the body sometimes...)

Work. Going to work. Coming back home after work. Preparing my classes at home, at night again... Meeting new people each week, learning from them everyday.

And rain.
Me and my old fashion Reebok sneakers. You would not believe where and when I bought them...

Rain again. 

Eventually the sun will come back, right?
But it's ok because I feel happy inside, and I know I should be happy, I must be happy. 

Have a lovely Wednesday my friends.


Round Circles said...

J'ai vu le Cirque Romanès il y a quelques années...c'est un de mes cirque préféré:familiale, aux artistes Rroms et tziganes,à la musique qui touchent les coeurs et les remuent,du rire au larmes...
Prends soin de toi Anabelle(dehors comme dedans...le Jogging c'est l'idéal pour ça)....Bonne journée

Round Circles said...

I forgot to tell you:ta fille est prête pour une futur édition Junior des Masters Chefs!!!Quel talent pour son âge!
et tu as été gâté:ces pailles moustaches sont trop rigolotes!
Bises Bella

Maria said...

Thanks for your words here.I really understand you -we mums have so much work to do at home and at work.I wish you very beautiful spring days