Sunday, April 8, 2012


That was a happy weekend. 

In the kitchen, it smelled like dill, fresh onions and apples.

I showed Florina how to cook the recipes that her grandmother Florica had taught me when she was a baby. It was like yesterday. We decorated eggs like they do in Romania. Ate muschi tiganesc (smoked ham), and carnati olteanesti (Bucurestian sausages) . My hands were moving with love as I was making meat bread and cutting branza afumata (smoked cheese). 

Two women that I deeply love came to the party, Colette and her daughter Sophie-Céline, who I we grew up with and who suprised us with her visit, and all the babies and children were happy to play, the adults talking, eating, laughing, and catching up. I took them all to a journey to Romania, a table, that's all I can afford but it made everybody happy, and maybe Florina will remember later.

(I'm just realizing that I only put 10 candles on the cake (which no one noticed)... what does that say doctor?... oh please, as much as I love seeing you becoming a big girl, don't grow too fast...)

This morning I woke up early and went jogging with Earl and Swann. It felt good! I don't practice any sport and I feel the need to exercise more, it really gave me energy for the day to run and go up and down the stairs at the parc, and it made me ridiculously happy.

This afternoon, me and my cousin, we took the kids out to the parc where we hid chocolate eggs on the grass, and Swann ate his very first chocolate egg and loved it (it was hard to stop...). Tonight I had a mail from my father saying that today reminds him of when me and my sisters were little and we used to search the eggs in the garden. I wrote him back but when I sent the email it got lost and I cried like a kid, and as I was writing him again, I realized that you can be 37 and still miss your father. 

I hope you all had a happy Easter and I wish you a lovely week.


Round Circles said...

Ce foulard rouge tissé de fils argent et ces œufs sont simplement sublimes...Je comprend maintenant d’où vient le prénom de ta grande fille!
Tu es douée pour conserver et perpétuer des traditions qui feront grandir ta puce...Elle s'en souviendra c'est certain!
Je vois que chez toi comme chez moi les oeufs en chocolats sont les vedettes de cette journée:on a fait soft,ils en ont mangé deux chacun.
BEAU LUNDI DE Pâques Anabelle


French Cannes Cannes said...

Happy Easter! I love that you keep up Florina's history for her birthdays - she will certainly remember! Xx!

erika said...

Sounds like a lovely easter! I have a suprise on my blog for you ;-)

Loes said...

What a lovely Easter weekend.

Now matter how old you are, parents will be missed. How sweet that your father wrote you a mail with his memories.


...Tabiboo... said...

What beautiful kitchen inspiration.

Happy Spring to you.

Nina x