Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Korean fondue and orange toe nails

Yesterday, I made what I pompously call a Korean fondue, which is probably my favorite dish ever.

You want to make something that you will pompously call a Korean fondue? Here's what you'll need:

- onions
- tofu
- zucchini
- carrots
- kimchi (Korean marinated and spicy cabbage)*
- greenpeace mushrooms (long and super thin mushrooms, you can replace them by any kind of mushrooms I guess)*
- fresh onions
- slices of bacon (not shown on picture, because I almost forgot to add them)
- Shanghainese cabbage (not shown either, because I didn't have any)*
- korean spicy hot pepper paste*
- Rice (I like Thai rice, but Japanese rice is good with it too)

* You can find the Korean/Asian ingredients in any Asian supermarket, or maybe order some on the Internet, why not, we're modern people, aren't we?

Cut the vegetables, cut off the feet of the mushrooms, cut the tofu in slices, and put everything along with the kimchi in a wok, or if you don't have a wok, use a pot. Add hot water and cook for about 30-40 minutes. When all the ingredients are cooked and tender, add hot pepper paste (a little at a time if you're not a spicy food eater, Koreans don't play)

Serve the soup/fondue in an individual but rather large bowl, and rice in a small bowl. You can eat both together or separately, usually the rice helps you get over the spiciness of the soup...

And since the sun is shining like in Summer today, I took a little moment to paint my toes in orange. (Yes, I use paper toilet to separate my toes — not very glamourous)

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Maria said...


ps i love that colour in your nails in your toes.

Anabelle said...

Thank you Maria. The nail polish is from Mavala, color "Nice", it brings the sun when you wear it :)
Hugs ♥

Anabelle said...

Thank you Maria. The nail polish is from Mavala, color "Nice", it brings the sun when you wear it :)
Hugs ♥

Crystal said...

Wow, that looks so healthy and yummy! I hope you are well and happy x

Anabelle said...

Helloooo Crystal! I'm happy to hear from you again! How are you? How have you been? I hope everything is fine for you and your family and I can read about you soon ♥♥♥

French Cannes Cannes said...

yay for spring and orange toes!! (I love Mavala:-) Definitely want to try the fondue...that sounds delicious!

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

That looks like just my kind of dinner, I'm hungry just looking at it! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Kimchi and Korean paste and give it a go.

I must paint my toes soon, I've been giving them an air over winter (no polish, as my nails go funny if I wear it too much).

Round Circles said...

repas parfait pour moi qui suis végétarienne...ta photo donne envie:miam!
extra ce vernis:de la couleur et du pep's dans les pieds et au moral!!!