Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quartier Saint Bernard

Yesterday I had a work meeting with Laetitia Ivanez, from Les Prairies de Paris. Her workshop is located in a lovely area not far away from my place, le quartier Saint Bernard. It used to be a rather poor quarter but in the past 10 years, it has gradually changed and now bobo shops and cafés, and trendy brands flirt with local bars and old boutiques run by local people.  As I was early, I took a few pictures of places I liked while walking around.

I will be working for Laetitia for a few days at a fashion fair which makes me very happy and I'm so excited to do something new, and meet new people. I really like her way to approach fashion and her story. 
It also means that I will barely be at home. But like Sarah wrote so well on her last post, I can't only be a mother...

Have a look at these beautiful clothes, by Les Prairies de Paris:


Round Circles said...

Génial!c'est une superbe nouvelle!Et oui comme le dis Sarah: tu es bien plus qu'une maman...le savoir et le vivre sont deux choses différentes et parfois effrayantes à expérimenter...mais ça va te faire un bien fou de voir du monde,d’être dans l'action,et sur un autre rythme.
Tes photos sont très belles...Bises Anabelle

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

Sounds very exciting I hope it goes well for you, and maybe you get to try some of those wonderful clothes!

P.S. I haven't any spam yet.