Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yesterday's party for Halloween was a lot of fun. We invited kids of the quartier over and then went from one family to the next to collect candies. Here in Paris, you can't go door to door because almost no one celebrates Halloween. It's very hard to find a store with Halloween decorations or costumes, and people don't buy candies in case someone knocks at their door. Several years ago, when it started out in France, it was a big thing and all the stores were dressed for Halloween and selling fun stuff, and there was a lot of parties everywhere, but then Parisians felt that it was just another commercial celebration coming from the States and they quickly turned their back to Halloween. On the other hand, it still remained quite popular in the countryside and in the small towns around Paris. But here, it's already Christmas time in the stores - in October, yes I know.

But as a half-Amercian family, we of course celebrated Halloween. The kids love it and they look forward to it all through the year. They all had a lot of fun and we are now officially the (only) place to be for Halloween. I had great plans to make costumes for everybody but I ended up just quickly sewing mouse ears for Swann, since we had all been sick last week and time flew away at light speed like usual. But I (re)learnt that you don't need to make everything perfect to have fun and what matters the most is to have a good time. I think this is something I'll have to remember, because I always put so much pressure on myself each time we organize a party or a dinner, and as a result, I usually am the worst person to be around with for two days until compagny comes, then barely enjoy myself while they are here, and then find myself frustrated that it's over and I didn't really have fun. Well, not this time.

I hope everybody had fun too!

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French Cannes Cannes said...

I miss Halloween! I even bought candy just in case I had little Parisians knocking at my door... I'm glad you made it fun for your little guys!