Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goodbye summer

The weather has been amazing these past days but I think autumn is back...
No more sandal shoes and summer dresses for my daughter I'm afraid, although she loves dressing in summer clothes because it's much faster :)

The other day, we were having lunch just the two of us and she was giggling about something. She kept laughing about the same joke she had made. Something touched my heart. I thought that sooner than I want expect she'll be a teenager and that's where is often starts: with the giggling. I hope she'll be happy when she is a teenager. I don't know in other countries, but here in France teenagehood is often far from being an easy age (both for children and parents).
My own teenagehood was so awful, it kind of freaks me out a little bit... But I trust her to be smarter than I was, and so I think she'll be alright.

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