Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving out

Yesterday F's now ex husband moved out. I was coming back home when I saw a note on our building door saying "Déménagement" (moving out) and when I looked at the van parked in front of the building, I saw him with two other men, moving out things. I looked at him but he didn't see me. All of a sudden, for a few seconds, he seemed much younger.

So that's it.

From 3:30 till 5 last night, my baby was awake. He was singing in our bed and I had to breastfed him three times before he finally went back to sleep. There I was, with my man and a singing baby, in our warm bed. And suddenly I thought about F. It must have been a really tough day for her. How was it to see the empty spaces where his furniture used to be? And how was it to see it happening, him moving out, moving away? How was it for the kids, their three little boys? How is it going to be for them, to not have their dad at home everyday? And how was it for him to leave this life behind?

He moved out late in the morning. We went out in the afternoon to see our friends L&K who just had a baby. When we came back home at 8:30 at night, the note was still on the door. "Déménagement". Moving out. I took the paper and put it in the trash. I thought about F. and how she would feel if she saw the note today, still there, stating as if she needed to be reminded, that he was gone. I thought about the symbol of this piece of paper, taped on the door so that everybody knew someone was moving. And why he forgot to take it off of the door. Why he left it there.

I don't know F. so well. She's my next door neighbor. I see her and talk to her every once in awhile. I often hear her with her boys coming in or out of their apartment, and often I hear them giving her a hard time. She told me once that her two oldest boys fight all the time.

So that's it. This is a new life for them, whether she wants it or not, whether he made the right decision or not. I just wish them luck and may something good come out of it, for both of them...

Behind the doors of our neighbors, joys and pains...

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