Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I loved about today

These are some things that I loved about today:

- It was a sunny day.
- We had a fruit salad for dessert that my father made (bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, kiwis, a little sugar and lemon juice... so good!)
- I woke up at nine (after waking up three times during the night, but still...)
- I gave a bath to my baby in my father's bath tub, it was so funny, since there was a lot of water, he was moving like a little fish, is tiny legs and tagada (you know what) floating in the water. He seemed to really enjoy it, although at times he looked a little scared, probably not a hundred percent sure that I would not drop him  or something, which of course I will never do!!
- I talked on the phone with my man and we laughed.
- I talked on the phone with my sister and we are organizing a little week-end trip in the countryside with my mother and my sisters, partners, and all the babies!! It's going to be so much fun!
- I enjoyed seeing my children smiling (even my little one, who is soo cute when he smile) and enjoying their time here, my daughter having so much fun with her cousin.
- I took my baby out for a little walk before dinner and he kept looking around with his eyes wide open. He has beautiful brown eyes...
- We downloaded "Talking Tom" on my father's i-phone and again, me and the girls made the cat say silly things. When my father was talking the cat had a much deeper voice, it was so funny. My voice on Talking Tom was as tiny as the girls' (who are 9 and 10...), I thought that maybe at 36 it's time for me to really start being a real grown-up woman... We even said goodbye to Tom before turning off the phone. I know... pathetic... 

This is not the fruit salad that my father made...
But it looks so good and the presentation is great!

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