Friday, April 29, 2011

Out to China town

Today was a grey day. The weather is more like Autumn now. To spice it up a little, me, my man, and our baby, we went shopping in China town, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, near Place d'Italie. It's going to be a Chinese food week-end! 

I wanted to make a little report about the supermarket where we went to, Tang Frères, but they don't allow people to take pictures and they are really strong about that, like they stop you at the entry of the store and all. Still, we were not willing to give up that easily so my man decided to take pictures with his i-phone. Only problem, our baby started crying - or  should I say started SCREAMING - and the whole supermarket started to stare at us. So in the end, one picture of Tang Frères supermarket, that's all we got, which makes it a pretty poor report...

In front of Tang Frères supermarket.

Unauthorized picture of Tang Frères.

Back home and ready to cook!

I'm going to cook hot chicken noodle soup tonight and "lion head meatballs" with cabbage tomorrow. 

Back to cooking again!